Video: Waterfall blown backwards by strong winds


AMAZING footage has emerged of a waterfall being blown backwards by extreme winds.

The 13-second video shows a jet of water being forced back up a cliff on Waternish on the Isle of Skye.


Local Roger Shann shot the video whilst driving past Ardmore Bay on Sunday afternoon.

The retired 59-year-old lives nearby with wife Norah-Lynne. He uploaded the video to social media with the caption: ‘A very windy day again on Waternish. Waterfalls blowing uphill!’


He said: “It’s spectacular. You can get a real soaking, even if it’s not raining.”

Skye frequently experiences gale-force winds which blow in from the Atlantic Ocean. Speeds of 80mph have been recorded, and high winds are especially likely on the exposed coast of Waternish .