Thursday, May 19, 2022
In BriefKFC apologise for feather in food

KFC apologise for feather in food

FAST food chain KFC have apologised after a customer found a feather embedded in her barbecued chicken.

Fiona Balloch was amazed to find the deep-fried but still recognisable complete feather sticking out of her meal at a restaurant in Ayr.

The offending item had somehow gone unnoticed as staff rolled the meat in its coating, put it through the fryerr, left it to drain, and then put it in a box for serving.

Fiona, 33, from Ayr, bought the £4.99 Zinger box meal at the drive-through last week.


She said: “I noticed straight away. I just knocked off some of the deep-fried stuff attached to it and there it was.

“It was a real feather – I could see the follicle.”

A KFC spokeswoman said: “We have a number of processes in place to prevent this from happening. We’re sorry that on this rare occasion we failed to meet our usual high standards.”

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