Scots uni buzzed by sex toy drone


A JOKER flew a drone close to one of Scotland’s most iconic buildings – with a sex toy attached.

The bizarre craft – dubbed a “dildrone” – was filmed outside the main building at Glasgow University.

The short clip shows the pilot using his or her flying skills to make the payload waggle suggestively as the drone hovers.

The culprit appears to have attached the offending object to a Phantom 2 quadcopter, worth in the region of £700,

The video attracted suitably highbrow comments from social media users.

One, called Verygneiss, wrote: “Ah, nice to see my alma mater. Reminds me of the uni’s motto: via veritas vita dildo.”

Another observed: “Chaotic motion similar to that of a double pendulum (seen here), yet floating in midair – fascinating.”

Glasgow university has produced some of the sharpest minds in history, including seven Nobel Laureates.



Adam Smith and John Hume studied there, as did James Watt, RD Laing and John Logie Baird.

In recent decades, the university educated political heavyweights such as First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, John Smith and Donald Dewar.

A spokesman for the university was not amused.

He said: “Safety is our paramount concern and we would urge anyone who is using a drone to be aware of the civil aviation guidelines that state they should not be flown close to a building or where groups of people may congregate.”