Glasgow man caught with 18 bags of cocaine down his pants


A GLASWEGIAN man was caught with 18 bags of class A drugs in his underpants when police stopped him in his car.


David Thomson, 48, from Glasgow caught with 18 bags of cocaine in January last year and was subject to a £41,000 confiscation order of his assets which he could not legally account for.


Thomson was caught by police on 10 January 2013 who recovered the bags of drugs- each containing between 0.4 and 0.8 grams of cocaine- as well as £600 in cash from the car.


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A search of his home address later recovered a further £3,800 in cash.


Speaking after the conclusion of the case, Lindsey Miller, Procurator Fiscal for Organised Crime and Counter-Terrorism, said: “Scotland is no place to profit from crime.


“Those who plan to make money from the sale of controlled drugs can find themselves not only apprehended and prosecuted and their drugs and cash seized, but their accounts can also be analysed by our specialist forensic accountants.


“Illegal profits they made years previously and no doubt thought safe can be uncovered and confiscated.


“The money recovered will be passed to the Scottish Government for re-investment in the community through the CashBack for Communities programme.