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Locals take chainsaws to the beach after winter storms

Locals enjoyed a Sunday morning stroll on the beach with chainsaws after storms washed-up a huge mass of driftwood.

Prestwick Beach, Ayrshire, was completely covered with wood – some of pieces estimated to be as much as 30ft long.

The driftwood was washed up by days of storms that lashed the west coast of Scotland.


The usually white sands of Prestwick Beach were transformed by the storms


Ayrshire residents were quick to chop up the wood for everything from this winter’s log fires to this summer’s barbecues.

Retired engineer and amuature photographer Malcolm Yates, who lives near by, was shocked to see the beach so busy.

He was on his usual Sunday morning walk when he discovered the beach full of people – armed with more than a bucket and spade.


Ayrshire residents took advantage of the driftwood that washed up


“I think because of the recent bad weather and because yesterday was a glorious day the beach and the prom were chock-a-block,” he said.

The 65-year-old described trees five to ten metres washed up along the shore line.

“The storms in the Firth of Clyde pulled all the wood in,” said Mr Yates.



Locals use chainsaws to chop the drift wood before taking it home


“People were there with trailers and quite a few folk with chainsaws.

“There were six people there with chainsaws.

“There were about 15 to 20 people just cutting it up [the driftwood] and lifting it.

“My wife and I passed a house today not far from the promenade and there was a pile of wood about 6ft high outside.”

He added: “I’ve got a bit in the front garden.

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