Baaarking: Meet Pet – The lamb who thinks she’s a Collie


PET the lamb was raised by collies in the Scottish Highlands – and now thinks she’s a sheep dog.

Hilarious videos released by her owner show the 10-month-old running and playing with a pack of collies.


Pet in her dog basket snuggling


Pet has become famous in Ullapool, Ross-shire, for her bizarre antics.

She was adopted by the collies after being taken in by Mairi Mackenzie when she struggled to survive following her birth in April last year.


She stayed in the croft house when she was a lamb


Pet even snuggled up with the collies in their baskets.

Recent video shows her leaping about in the snow alongside her canine pals – even trying to wag her tail.


Pet still hangs out with the sheep dogs


She also goes on daily walks with the pack and was once found three miles from home on one of her canine adventures.

Pet was first introduced to her dog friends as a newborn lamb.


She even had her own basket in the living room


One of a set of twins she was born with a problem with her back legs and was taken into the warmth of the croft house to be looked after.

She instantly bonded with her fellow housemates and was “adopted” by a sheep dog called Dice.


Despite being fully grown Pet still thinks she’s a dog


Mairi, owner of the Ullapool B&B, said: “She’s a right character. When she was born she wasn’t doing so well so we lifted her from her mother.

“She bonded with the dogs and they accepted her as one of them.


She still plays around with the Collies on the croft


The 51-year-old who runs the croft alongside her B&B business said: “She’s still a wee bit wobbly but loves to hop, skip and jump around.

“When she was younger she even slept in the dogs best – she kicked one out of its own bed at one point.”


Pet even goes on walks with the ‘other’ dogs


“I’ve never seen anything like this before – it’s really unusual.”

Mairi’s daughter Jemma, who helps out on the croft, said: “When she was young she became so attached to the dogs – when she couldn’t see them she would bleat for them.


Mairi says Pet has bonded with the dogs and they accepted her as one of them


“She became especially attached to the oldest dog and they would take themselves off for walks. Once we found them three miles away.”


Jemma says Pet is very attached to the oldest dog called Dice


The 23-year-old continued: “She was so tame, she would even come and sit in Mum’s office while she worked. We’ve kept other lambs as pets before but they’ve never been like this.

“I don’t think we’ll ever get rid of her – the oldest dog would be gutted.”