JK Rowling – I’m all about the death


JK Rowling has admitted she is “all about the death” when it comes to writing.

The Harry Potter author, talking to fans on Twitter, said she would find it hard to write a book without killing off characters.

The 49-year-old who lives in Edinburgh killed off 38 named characters in the Harry Potter trilogy and approximately 97 in all.

Rowling killed off 38 named characters in Harry Potter
Rowling killed off 38 named characters in Harry Potter


Meanwhile her adult novel The Casual Vacancy centers around the death of a local councillor and ends with several people losing their lives.

Rowling was responding to fan Ardit Haliti who Tweeted: “I told my friend several characters die in The Casual Vacancy and she just wrote back ‘NOOOOOOO! IT’S A JK Rowling SIGNATURE MOVE!!!’

The author wrote back: “You think I should write something where nobody dies? Hmm… it wouldn’t be easy. I’m all about the death.”

The exchange prompted more Potter fans to comment on her willingness to kill off characters.

Gabriel wrote: “JK Rowling you are really bad. You could kill some people, BUT NOT DOBBY.”


Larissa called the author “JK dark”, while Catie Seavey added: “It wouldn’t be as good if no one died, there wouldn’t be any heartbreak (RIP Fred).”

Someone calling themselves Life has No Meaning wrote: “I would like to see you write something without a happy ending.”

To which Rowling responding jokingly: “Something tells me you haven’t read The Casual Vacancy.”

The author, who has become well known for her Twitter interactions with fans, also handed out advice to young writers.

Despite her tendency to get kill a few of her key players Rowling told Shan Ryan: “Character can be plot! Plan, plan and plan, but stay invested in those characters.”