Picture that proves THAT dress is extremely black and blue


THIS is proud mother of the bride wearing the world’s most controversial dress – and it proves it is blue and black.

Cecilia Bleasdale was unaware of the online storm she would create when she took a photograph of the dress she was going to wear to her daughter’s wedding.

She originally sent the now famous photo to her daughter, Grace, who lives on the Scottish island of Colonsay.

After being posted on social media the photo sparked a worldwide debate as people argued over whether the two-tone frock is white and gold or blue and black.

Cecelia, left, with her daughter and son-in-law at the wedding, wearing what would turn out to be the world's most controversial dress
Cecelia, left, with her daughter and son-in-law at the wedding, wearing what would turn out to be the world’s most controversial dress


The apparent optical illusion has left the world flummoxed.

Even Kim Kardashian and husband Kanye West have had disagreement about what colour it is and the hashtag #TheDress is now trending worldwide on Twitter.

Now a second image of the dress has emerged being worn by Cecilia, from Blackpool, Lancs, on Saturday.

Taken at the wedding held on Colonsay it shows the mother of the bride beside her daughter Grace and her son-in-law Keir Johnston at the wedding the dress is clearly dark blue and black.

Angie McPhee, 37, also from Blackpool, said: “It’s my mum’s dress. It was my sister Grace’s wedding on Colonsay.”

Talking about the controversial photo she said: “Mum sent it to Grace to give the dress a thumbs up or thumbs down.

“It was sent originally to my sister then my mum sent the picture to me and Grace said ‘Why is she wearing white and gold to the wedding?’”

“We were shocked my mum had chosen a light coloured dress.”

Angie continued: “Originally I saw it a white and gold.

The picture of the dress that sparked a massive global controversy
The picture of the dress that sparked a massive global controversy


“Grace saw it as white and gold – her fiance saw it as blue and black and they had a bit of a tadoo about it.”

She continued: “The actual dress is blue and black. Only that picture is different.”

The photo didn’t get much attention outside of friends and family until it was posted on Tumblr by 21-year-old Caitlin McNeill after the wedding.

Angie said she had told her mother, who is currently at work, about all the attention the dress pictured is getting but has not yet talked to her sister.

The newly married couple are currently on honeymoon in Jamaica and apparently unaware of the social media storm surrounding one of their wedding guests.

Angie said: “I think Grace is going to wake up in Jamaica and think oh my god, what is going on.”

Commenting on how the dress looked on her mother on the big day Angie said: “Fabulous. She looked absolutely fabulous on the day.”

Lindsay Maden from Blackpool, a 26-year-old sales adviser for 02, was a bridesmaid at the wedding.

She said: “Grace is my best friend and Cecilia is her mother – Grace moved to Colonsay nine years ago.

“We were all over on Colonsay. The wedding was on Saturday.”

“Before the wedding we were all on the hen do and talking about what Cecila will wear.

“On the 7th Feb Grace sent a picture over facebook.

“When Cecilia was walking down the aisle [to her seat] – just between friends, we were sat there in the rows looking at it.”

Confirming the colour of the dress Lindsay said: “It’s definitely blue and black. Coming from a bridesmaid at the wedding it was blue and black.”