Blue/Black or White/Gold? THE Dress that took the world by storm provides musical inspiration


THE dress that ‘broke the internet’ may now be responsible for breaking a few ear drums after inspiring a new song.

Scotty Fisher posted the ‘What color is the dress? (the song)’ on YouTube and has already reached thousands of viewers.




The pop maestro explained: “This is a song about the dress. It is not meant to be taken seriously.

“I’m not good at making videos. I’m also not that good at producing music. Enjoy.”



And with lyrics like: “Did ISIS post a picture as a distraction?

“They figured out our weakness and it is fashion.

“Turn off your computer because the internet is a trap.

“We’re all getting hypnotized by all this pointless crap,” he may be onto a winner.

The chorus is catchy too:

“Is it gold and white? Is it black and blue?

“Who will win the fight? Neither me or you.

“If I don’t find out. I will lose my mind.

“Someone tell me now. Because I’m running out of time.”