Forth Bridge celebrates 125th anniversary with RAF Spitfire flypast


The world famous Forth Bridge today celebrated its 125th anniversary with a fly past recalling one of the most momentous days in life of the Bridge.

Bridge bosses themed the celebration around the Forth Bridge Raid, which happened a few months before the bridge’s 50th anniversary on October 16 1939.


The fly past recalled one of the most momentous days in life of the Bridge


It was the German Luftwaffe’s first attack on Britain and the first time the RAF’s famous Spitfire engaged the enemy.

While the attackers objective was the naval vessels operating from nearby Rosyth, the dogfight took place above the bridge.

Cabinet Secretary for Infrastructure Keith Brown joined primary school pupils to witness the Spitfire and RAF Typhoon soar over the Forth bridges at 1:25pm.


Spitfire and in the background the building work for the new bridge underway


Speaking at the event Mr Brown said: “Even after 125 years, the Forth Bridge is a working bridge, playing a vital role in Scotland’s transport infrastructure. But, of course, it represents so much more than that alone.

“It is a true icon of Scotland, recognised the world over. It represents a revolutionary feat of Victorian engineering and its unmistakable red girders have been synonymous with Scotland and part of our collective imagination for 125 years.

“Given the Bridge’s significance, it is fitting the theme for today is the Forth Bridge Raid.


The RAF Typhoon flying over the world famous Forth Bridge


“A hugely historic day in the life of the country, which is perhaps still not as widely known about as it should be.

“After all, this was the first air attack of the Second World War and the first time Spitfire pilots fought in defence of the country.

“It was thrilling to see the Spitfire and the modern Typhoon fighter plane having their moment alongside the bridge too.”