Thursday, July 7, 2022
In BriefProposed legal change could hamper inheritance wishes, claim Scots Tories

Proposed legal change could hamper inheritance wishes, claim Scots Tories

SCOTS could be stopped from passing their home to a family member of their choice under land reform plans, according to the Scottish Conservatives.

The existing law on succession allows homeowners to name who will inherit their property along with cash and investments.

But the Scottish Tories claim the SNP government plans to change the law as it relates to inheriting property.

They say the Scottish Government plans to remove the distinction between moveable property – cash and investments – and immovable property in the shape of a home.

The proposal, according to the Conservatives, could mean that the state has more say over to whom an individual leaves their house or land, as family members would be given more scope to challenge wills.

And the plan could also mean an increase in stress and arguments when a loved one dies, they say.

The party is now calling on the SNP government to rule out the possibility that their plans could effectively overrule a person’s will.

Scottish Conservatives enterprise spokesman Murdo Fraser said: “We see this idea as a step too far. When a person dies, surely it’s up to them who they want to leave their estate to.

“Yet again, this is another example of state control through the back door by the SNP.

“If people want to leave their homes to individual family members, or even to charities, that should be a matter for them. Wills are very much a personal choice and not a matter for the state to decide on.

“This proposal will only lead to family arguments and put pressure on families during the grieving process.

“The Scottish Conservatives strongly oppose this idea and would ask that it’s removed from Land Reform proposals.”

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