Dundee man banned from matches for throwing smoke bomb


A DUNDEE man is fined and banned from football matches after he threw a smoke bomb onto a pitch at a Scottish Cup final.


At Glasgow Sheriff Court today (March 12), 27-year-old Alister Christie was fined £1,000 and had a three months Football Banning Order imposed for throwing a smoke bomb onto the Celtic Park pitch at the start of the Scottish Cup Final between St Johnstone and Dundee United on May 17 last year.



Glasgow Sheriff Court
Glasgow Sheriff Court


Police noticed a smoke bomb had been thrown from the east stand onto the pitch area just behind the goal as the match was kicking off. Immediately after they observed another smoke bomb had been lit in the stand and witnessed Christie swirling it above his head before throwing it over the heads of stewards and ball boys and onto the pitch.


Speaking following today’s hearing Stephen Ferguson, Football Liaison Prosecutor for the West of Scotland, said: “Setting off smoke bombs or any pyrotechnics at a football match is very foolish and potentially dangerous.


“Such irresponsible behaviour at football matches, and in fact anywhere will not be tolerated and police and prosecutors are resolute in their efforts to identify perpetrators of such offences and ensure they are brought to justice.”