Row over kids in primary school polling stations


PARENTS fear paedophiles will get access to their children after a Scots council decided to keep dozens of primary school polling stations open on General Election day.

More than 30 primary schools in Fife will stay open to children on May 7 while still being used as polling stations.

Fife Council said it did not want the election to affect children’s education and has arranged for extra police to be on duty to ensure the safety of youngsters.

But many parents have expressed disbelief that voters will be allowed to wander unchecked around schools while lessons are in progress.

Shirley Macdonald, from Dunfermline, was among those posting in an online discussion about the plans.

She wrote: “What on earth is the point of having a secure entry system if anyone will be able to walk into the school unchallenged on polling day?

“I feel that Fife council would be putting a huge number of children at risk by having classes in session while polling takes place.”

Parents fear that school security will be relaxed on polling day
Parents fear that school security will be relaxed on polling day


Another user, called Umbongo 33, wrote on social media: “Surely this is a security risk as anybody will have easy access to the schools, with the kids just wandering around.”

The council’s head of democratic services, Linda Bissett, said that police checks were among a package of measures to keep children safe on May 7.

She said: “Where a school building is open to voters and pupils and staff, there will be clear segregation in the building with polling and school staff remaining vigilant.

“We will also have regular police checks and additional council staff making visits.”

A spokeswoman later added: “It’s 32 schools across Fife, out of 140. Each building will have its own particular layout, and the children will be supervised. Each school will deal with it in their own way.

“We trialed it for the by-elections. People were happy with it and it worked.

“We are using less schools and more community buildings. It means children can get their education. “