Melrose prepares for historic rugby sevens


THE world’s oldest rugby sevens tournament will place for the 125th time on Saturday 11th April 2015, in the Borders town of Melrose.


The Melrose Sevens, sponsored by Aberdeen Asset Management, will see rugby teams from across Scotland compete alongside international teams.


Rugby Sevens was invented in Melrose in 1883, and a carnival atmosphere with added events including a huge after party has become standard.


Melrose in the Scottish Borders – pioneers in the fields of rugby and fancy dress



Fancy dress is an important part of celebrations, and standards will be high as crowds and teams alike compete for the best costume.


Rugby fan Gaby O’Leary said:  “I really enjoy dressing up for matches as there is a real sense of camaraderie before, during and after the match.


“ There is always friendly banter with the opposition’s fans, and recognition and solidarity from people in similar costumes.


“I think that camaraderie also extends to fans who don’t dress up as the excitement and fun factor of the crazier outfits never fails to start a contagious smile amongst all rugby fans.



Gaby O'Leary
Gaby O’Leary (right) – “Dressing up is really positive – even if your team loses.”


“It’s a really positive social aspect of attending rugby matches – even if your team loses!”


Last year, the  tournament commissioned its own tartan designed by Bordernet and produced by Lochcarron of Scotland.


It has striking yellow and white stripes on a black background and fans are encouraged to incorporate it into their costumes.


If you come to Melrose on Saturday, be prepared to party like it’s 599.


Douglas Hardie, Marketing Convenor of Melrose RFC, says, “Each year we are astounded by the creativity and inventiveness of those who dress up, so we can’t wait to see the costume designs the fans will produce for our 125th tournament this April.”