Scrap Trident calls on police not to make arrests at Faslane blockade


The Scrap Trident Coalition has asked police not to arrest protesters who will form a blockade at the gates of Faslane submarine base on Monday 13th April.

The request was made on 1st April at a meeting with police officers. A Scrap Trident spokesperson explained:

“As an indiscriminate weapon of mass destruction the UK’s Trident breaches international humanitarian law. This means that peacefully and non-violently blocking the entrances to the base is entirely legitimate and lawful.”

Organisers have asked police to use their discretion
Organisers have asked police to use their discretion


“Those policing the event have the option of using their discretion and allowing the blockade proceed unhindered. “

Protesters have promoted the precedent set by Thames Valley Police at the blockade of the atomic weapon assembly plant at Burghfield in Berkshire on 2nd March.

On that occasion, in spite of protesters closing the gates to the base for seven hours, not a single arrest was made.

The blockade follows the Glasgow march and rally on 4th April, which was attended by around 5,000 people.

The protest is due to begin at 7am on the Monday, and will be attended by Patrick Harvie MSP and writer and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch.