Veteran’s Secretary appeals for families to claim medals


Veteran’s Secretary Keith Brown is appealing to the families of World War Two veterans to claim medals honouring their family members.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the HMS Lancastria troopship by German dive bombers on 17 June 1940 as the British Expeditionary withdrew from France.

It accounted for the greatest loss of life in Royal Navy history with only an estimated 2,500 people out of the 9,000 strong crew surviving.

Families of servicemen are being urged to come forward
Families of servicemen are being urged to come forward


The Scottish Government commissioned a medal in 2008 to honour survivors and descendants of those who lost their lives, 375 of which have since been issued across the world.

However, the anniversary will also signal the closure of the medal application process, with the last day for applications the 15th of May.

Mr Brown said: “We in Scotland feel a strong bond with the servicemen and women who have served us throughout the years and continue to protect the democratic freedoms we still enjoy today.”

“The commemorative HMS Lancastria medal from the Scottish Government is a lasting reminder of our gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice on that fateful day. Their memory is honoured, their place in history is secured.

“I would urge anyone who thinks they or a family member is entitled to one to get in touch and make sure they wear that medal with pride as we mark the 75th anniversary of an incredible chapter of our naval history.”