Sales of washing lines and pegs rocket in good weather


SUPERMARKET giant Morrisons have boasted that peg and washing line sales have rocketed 600% with the recent spell of good weather.


Morrisons expects to sell at least 500,000 pegs and 100,000 metres of line by this Friday (10th April) – enough to stretch a washing line from London to Southampton.

Bosses at the chain of over 500 stores also estimate that that 1.2 million packs of laundry detergent will be sold.


A press release issued by the supermarket chain refers to items sold in the week beginning 4th April.


It is also claimed that the amount of laundry detergent sold will amount to 30 million loads or 60,000 tonnes of washing – the weight of a large container ship.

Chris Watson, laundry buyer at Morrisons said: “Since last October, our homes have been littered with wet clothing and bed linen on radiators, airers and doorframes.

“The hot weather has arrived early this year, with the Met Office predicting 20C temperatures for rest of Easter school holidays.


“Pegging laundry out will not only save dampness in the home and money spent on tumble dryers, but will leave your washing both soft and smelling fresh.”