Unspoilt Greek island caught on film by Oscar nominated cinematographer


AN unspoilt Greek island is being marketed to luxury travellers with the help of a new short film made with the help of an Oscar nominated cinematographer.


Those dreaming of a summer break can while away two minutes watching Phedon Papamichael’s film about the Costa Navorino in the south of Greece.


Voidokilia Beach on the Costa Navorino is being marketed as an unspoilt tourist destination



Tourist chiefs describe it as the most beautiful and sustainable destination in the Peloponnese area in the south of Greece.


It appears no expense has been spared in promoting the island, with Mr Papamichael, being recruited to help produce the two minute film, which shows a group of children exploring different sides of island life.


It was written and directed by Athina Rachel Tsangari, a producer and director known for the film Before Midnight.


Papamichael’s movie credits include cult film Cool Runnings, as well as While You Were Sleeping which starred Sandra Bullock.


His black and white work on the highly acclaimed film Nebraska,  received an Oscar nomination, a BAFTA nomination and an ASC nomination amongst other honors.


Voidokilia beach3
Tourism chiefs boast the island offers luxury accommodation and 4,500 years of Greek history



The destination is being marketed as a historic and unspoilt destination, as  well as offering 5-star deluxe hotels, luxury residences, conference facilities, spa and thalassotherapy centres, and signature golf courses.


The film is available to watch here: