Psychic penguins predict name of new royal baby


A set of psychic penguins at Birmingham Zoo have predicted that the next royal baby will be a boy called Prince James.

The penguins were given a set of stones with different names written on them, and a crowd of onlookers watched at the colony of Gentoo penguins rushed towards the name James.

The penguins predicted a boy
The penguins predicted a boy


James Robson, curator at The National Sea Life Centre Birmingham, explained: “Our penguins are really enthusiastic and enjoy playing new games, especially those that put their predicting powers to the test.”

“We gave the penguins a choice of four rocks, each representing potential baby names for the newest addition to the Royal family.”

“The Gentoos were quick to waddle towards the stone crowned Prince James – they even hopped on just in case there was any doubt.”