Video shows Typhoon knocking over planespotter’s camera


AN INCREDIBLE video has emerged of two Typhoon fighters landing at a Scottish base – and knocking over the camera with their jet wash.

The video, captured by 41-year-old William Bird, shows the £110m jets approaching RAF Lossiemouth, Moray, on the north-east coast of Scotland.

The first aircraft clearly blasts onlookers with the thrust from its engines.


As the second jet disappears from view, the video camera is knocked sideways.

The Typhoons, which can reach a top speed of 1,550mph, have been busy in recent weeks intercepting Russian aircraft probing NATO airspace.

Mr Bird, who runs Fennel Media in Inverurie, took the video on Tuesday with a Go Pro 4 while on holiday with family.

The Typhoon zoomed past just 30ft overhead
The Typhoon zoomed past just 30ft overhead


He was accompanied by his seven-year-old stepson, Alex – who hasn’t stopped making jet noises since.

William said that he was “as close to the action as you could get” – so close that soon after the video was taken he was advised to move further away.

He said: “I had heard on the news that there were going to be some NATO exercises in the area so I went to see what I could capture.

The jet wash actually knocked the tripod over
The jet wash actually knocked the tripod over


“I wasn’t really sure what I would get but it was fantastic watching the video back. They came in very low and were preparing to land but they were still under quite a lot of throttle.

“To see that much thrust is quite astonishing. My stepson is still making jet noises.”

He added: “It’s the first time I’ve seen a Typhoon in flight and the noise was just incredible. You can hear it approach from far away but when it’s above you you have to fight every instinct not to duck or put your hands over your ears.

William Bird recorded the video
William Bird recorded the video


“Shortly after taking this video we were actually told we should probably move a bit away since the planes were coming in to land.”

Two Typhoon Jets were recently launched from Lossiemouth to escort Russian Military Planes around UK airspace.

The Russian “bear” bombers arrived as dozens of Nato warships gathered off the coast of Scotland for Exercise Joint Warrior – two weeks of UK-led naval war games.