Warmworks Scotland will aim to battle fuel poverty with £224m scheme


FUEL poverty in Scotland is to be tackled by a new £224m scheme, funded by the Scottish Government.

The scheme aims to help householders from start to finish, making their homes warmer and more comfortable.

It will bring improved comfort and financial benefits to tens of thousands of Scots by reducing CO2 levels and improving Scotland’s housing stock.

Thousands of Scots will be helped to better insulate their homes
Thousands of Scots will be helped to better insulate their homes


Three organisations will form the joint venture Warmworks Scotland and ensure support is available at a national level for households as part of a contract worth up to £224m over a seven year term.

The new scheme will launch in September 2015.

Changeworks, the Energy Saving Trust and Everwarm, part of the Lakehouse plc, will join forces to provide full support from insulation and heating to microgeneration measures to households suffering from fuel poverty across Scotland, targeting lower-income families.

Mike Thornton, Energy Saving Trust Director of Government Services, said:
“This will give people living in fuel poverty really practical support. The initiative provides a more integrated step-by-step service to customers, from the initial referral through to the installation and beyond.

“Each customer will receive their own personal adviser and be supported through any complex issue or challenge they may face. This project will continue to help improve the lives of people in Scotland by making their homes warmer and more comfortable.”