CalMac ferry in running to become Lego model


A CALMAC ferry is in the running to be made into an official Lego Model.

MV Loch Shira, which runs between Largs on the Ayrshire coast and the Isle of Cumbrae, has been put up for the accolade by a member of the public.

If successful the state owned boat would join the likes of Anakin’s Jedi Starfighter, Indiana Jones and Spongebob Squarepants which have all been made into official Lego models.

The bid had been backed by ferry chiefs who say they are “absolutely thrilled” at the prospect of being immortalised in plastic.



MV Loch Shira in Lego: Picture courtesy of the LEGO Group and Lukeebee1



The ferry model was submitted for consideration by Lego Ideas site user Lukeebee1 three weeks ago.

If 10,000 people support the bid online within a year it will be officially considered by Lego bosses and could be put into production.

So far the MV Loch Shira has 339 supporters.

The description on the website explains: “It is on an approximate scale of 1/50. It contains one Calmac ‘Loch class’ ferry (Loch Shira), one small car, one single deck shuttle bus, eight minifigures and would ideally contain decals/stickers to match the real ship.”

The suggestion has gone down well with Lego fans.



The real MV Loch Shira which runs between Largs and the Isle of Cumbrae



One comment left on the site said: “You’re a genius. If it doesn’t get supported all the way would you consider selling the plans to build it?”

Another fan commented: “Love it! I can almost smell the diesel, hear the seagulls and feel the rain on my face..”

Guy Dale-Smith, ’s Head of Marine, said: “We had absolutely no idea this was going on until someone alerted us.

“We are absolutely thrilled that a member of the public has developed and nominated this great model of a CalMac ferry.”