Two year old sent election emails by Scottish Labour


POLITICIANS are furiously battling over the loyalty of Byron Mitchell – even though he’s only two years old.

The tot from Tain, Ross and Cromarty, has been targeted in emails from Scottish Labour and the Scottish Conservatives asking for his support on May 7.


Byron Mitchell – already being wooed by political parties, despite being unable to vote until 2030.



The Tories were first off the mark last week with an email to “Dear Byron” asking for donations.


Byron, who does not yet receive pocket money from parents Sarah-Jane and Lewis, was unable to oblige.

A few days later an email arrived from Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy urging Byron to watch the party’s latest election video.


Byron did his best, sitting through the entire three-minute film, observing half-way “our house is very big” and saying at the end “broken”.


Byron Mitchell – searing political commentary.



Yesterday (Thu) the tot got a third election communication, this time from Labour’s Margaret Curran, the Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland.

The message, entitled The SNP Broken Promise, opened with: “Byron, the choice Scotland faces.”


Strangely, all the emails have been sent to Sarah-Jane’s email but are addressed in the body of the email to Byron.


Focused: Byron casts a critical eye over Jim Murphy’s election pledges




Sarah-Jane, 33, is baffled by the attention suddenly being lavished on her middle child, who cannot vote until August 13, 2030.


She said: “I don’t know where they are getting their mailing list.


“They are only coming to Byron. I could understand it if they were contacting me.”


She added: “It’s quite amusing they are sending links and things to a two-year old, asking for money. They’re not exactly going to get a vote out of him are they?


“It does raise light on quite a serious issue really. I’m thinking, ‘Where are they getting this from?’ It’s a bit creepy.”

Sarah-Jane, who is currently undecided about how to vote next Thursday, decided to test Byron’s political knowledge.


She said: “I asked him who the Prime Minister was, and he just said, ‘I’m the Prime Minister’.



A spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives said: “The campaign period involves a lot of activity and these days a lot of it takes place online and via email.


“From time to time genuine mistakes happen and this appears to be one such occasion.


“All parties, especially in the digital age, must take care to strike the correct balance between diligent campaigning and taking care to avoid spamming.”


A Scottish Labour Party spokesman said: “We have removed Mrs Mitchell from our mailing list and are sorry for any confusion caused.”