Woman finds live locust in salad

A HUNGRY Scot opened her Sainsbury’s salad and started tucking in – only to discover a live locust.
Louise Saunders, 44, hit something hard with her knife and screamed when she spotted the two-inch insect.
Mrs Saunders, from Glasgow, said she “nearly wet herself” when confronted with the creature on Wednesday night.
To make matters worse, she had been tucking into the same bag of salad for two days.
“Whatever it was, it moved when I tried to put my knife through it not realising what it was,” she said.
“I nearly wet myself. It’s not something you expect to see when you are eating your tea.
“To be honest I was just reading the paper and wasn’t really paying much attention, but when my knife hit it I thought: ‘Why is there something hard on my plate?’ and started screaming.
“My husband Greig works away during the week and normally I get the neighbour in to deal with spiders and that sort of thing, but I was on my own for this one.
“It looks like a cricket or a locust, but I’m not that bothered what it was – it shouldn’t have been there.
“I had just emptied my bin and the black bag was waiting to go out, so I just scooped it in there and put it out.
“But it’s given me the complete heave – I don’t think I’ll be eating lettuce for a while now.”
To make matters worse, Louise revealed she had enjoyed salad from the same bag at lunchtime on Tuesday and Wednesday – without knowing what was lurking inside.
Louise Saunders found an unexpected ingredient in her salad
Louise Saunders found an unexpected ingredient in her salad
“I’m surprised it was still alive because it had been in my fridge since Monday, but it definitely moved,” she added.
A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: “We take food safety very seriously and we have strict procedures in place to stop this kind of thing from happening.
“We apologise to our customer for any distress this has caused.”
This is not the first time a strange animal has made it into a bag of salad.
In 2013, James Watson, from south Gloucestershire, found a five-inch dead bird in a salad from Tesco.
He had started to eat his meal before realised he had a dead bird on his plate. Tesco apologised for the incident and offered him £200 compensation