Scots University to become home of international crime-busting team


A SCOTS University will be the home of a new international crime-busting team to target sophisticated online criminals.

Experts in computer security will gather at Edinburgh Napier University on Wednesday for the launch of the International Cyber Academy.

The Academy will bring together industry professionals, law enforcers and academics to combat the growing threat from sophisticated criminals who use hacking software to steal money, data and intellectual property.

The world of cyber crime is continually evolving as we become more dependent on the internet, with technological change leading to new bugs and viruses which are used to disrupt networks, commit fraud or carry out espionage.

Professor Bill Buchanan said cyber security is one of the "key challenges" we face
Professor Bill Buchanan said cyber security is one of the “key challenges” we face


The Edinburgh Napier-led Cyber Academy will integrate with the EU-funded Dynamic Forensics Evaluation and Training (DFET) project, which is building an infrastructure for cyber security training and creating new training methods and techniques to support the authorities.

The University – which takes its name from logarithms inventor John Napier – will help address the 21st century demand for cyber security specialists and provide a mechanism for interaction between students and organisations.

Innovative ideas will be developed through funded PhD research, and students and professionals will learn how to secure systems, respond to security breaches and how to investigate the work of hackers.

The launch, which is being supported by leading cyber security companies as well as the National Crime Agency and Police Scotland, will integrate teaching, research and professional practice and create a platform for the discussion of key issues. The Academy will support a range of conferences, symposiums and workshops.


Professor Bill Buchanan, of Edinburgh Napier’s School of Computing, said: “The demand for graduates in this area increases by the day, and the Cyber Academy will strive for excellence in teaching, professional practice and research. It is an area which requires many different skillsets to work together, and we believe the academy will achieve this.

“Cyber security is one of the key challenges areas in this Cyber Age, and it is something which will affect both our work and home life. There is much scope to support innovation around novel methods in computer security, and to grow the new companies who can become world leaders.”

The Academy will be launched in The Glassroom at Edinburgh Napier’s Merchiston campus from 1.30pm on Wednesday May 6.