JK Rowling jokes Royal princess should have been called Nymphadora Windsor


JK Rowling has revealed her thoughts on the Royal baby’s new name – and she’s disappointed.

The Harry Potter author joked with her 4.5m followers on Twitter that she had been “hoping for Nymphadora” – one of the characters from her award-winning novels.

She took to social media on Monday evening after hearing the news that Will and Kate had called their newborn Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, after her grandfather, grandmother and great-grandmother.

One fan wrote to her: “So, Royal baby’s name is Charlotte. I’m sad it’s not Victoria.”

Rowling meets another princess, the Princess Royal, at a ceremony in Edinburgh
Rowling meets another princess, the Princess Royal, at a ceremony in Edinburgh


Rowling replied: “I was hoping for Nymphadora but no, not even a middle name.”

Her tweet was “favourited” over 7,000 times in 12 hours.

Princess Charlotte was born on Saturday morning in London’s St Mary’s Hospital. It wasn’t until Monday afternoon that the couple announced her name.

Her date of birth, the 2nd of May, coincides with an important date in the Potter novels – the battle of Hogwarts.

It is in this battle that Nymphadora, a witch who helped protect Harry, is killed by her own aunt.

Ironically, throughout the novels Nymphadora insists she is called by her surname “Tonks” because she hates her given name.

She even brands her mother a “fool” for her name choice.

When Harry Potter fans heard the news that the Royal baby had been born, hundreds took to Twitter to suggest she be called Nymphadora as a tribute to the fallen witch.

Hannah Turpin said: “They should name her Nymphadora in honour of Tonks who died in the battle of Hogwarts 17 years ago today.”

Kolbrun Lara wrote: “I think Nymphadora would make a lovely Royal name.”

Another fan added: “Princess Nymphadora has got a certain ring to it.”

Some fans also piped up with more Potter-related suggestions for the Royal baby’s name.

One fan said: “I was hoping for Hermione but nope, nothing. I’m so disappointed.”

Another added: “Charlotte Elizabeth Diana is cool…but Albus Percival Wulfric Brian is better.”

Johnnie Blue joked: “I was sure it would be Dobby.”