Detested car park barrier accidentally demolished


A MOTORIST has accidentally demolished one of the most detested car parking barriers in Scotland.

The £1 drop-off and pick-up charge introduced by Edinburgh Airport caused widespread outrage and resentment when it was introduced in 2010.

On Thursday, the barrier was wrecked when a hapless motorist tried to pick up a dropped coin and accidentally put his vehicle in gear.

The barrier was demolished by the Mercedes Benz
The barrier was demolished by the Mercedes Benz


A picture of the incident, posted by website Scotland’s Worst Drivers, shows severe damage to the front of the £28,000 SUV.

Part of the barrier, with £1000 CCTV camera attached, can be seen sticking out of the front of the vehicle.

Part of the vehicle’s bumper has been ripped off, and black marks can be seen on the bonnet.

The unfortunate crash happened just after 7am. Thankfully, the driver is not believed to have been injured.

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “It’s clear how a simple driver error can cause an accident. Fortunately on this occasion no one was injured.”

Commenting on the picture, taxi driver Kenny Logan said: “A fantoosh of the highest order.”

Paul Lynch added: “What a whopper!”

Edinburgh Airport came under fire last year when they announced an increase in drop off and pick up charges for drivers.

Those wishing to send their loved ones off must pay £1 for just five minutes in the parking area.

Those who stay within five and ten minutes will be charged £3.

Anyone who is in the area longer than 20 minutes will have to cough up £7.

An Edinburgh Airport spokesman said: “We are pleased the driver was not hurt in this incident.

“We take incidents like this very seriously and will be looking into it.”