£210,000 election bet winner still to come forward


A MYSTERY man who bet £30,000 on a Conservative majority in the general election has not collected his £210,000 winnings.


The pensioner is believed to be the largest election winner
The pensioner is believed to be the largest election winner


Ladbrokes said there has been no sign of the anonymous punter since he placed a £30,000 bet on 7/1 odds of Tories winning an overall majority.


The man, described at the time as ““well-groomed, wealthy and well-informed” made the bet at Glasgow’s Hope Street branch over a week ago.


Ladbrokes have now appealed for the pensioner, believed to be a former accountant, to come forward to pick up his prize.


Ladbrokes spokesman Alex Donohue said: “There’s still no sign of our record-breaking election forecaster following on from his incredible political prediction.


“Whilst there’s never a time limit to collect any winning bet, we thought he’d have made a beeline for us as soon as the result was confirmed.


“Again we’d like to congratulate him on his win. He’s shown pollsters and pundits up and down the land the way to do it.”




The gambler first entered the Glasgow city centre branch on April 29 and asked what the odds were on a Tory majority.


After learning they stood at 7/1, he produced £30,000 in crisp £50 notes from his jacket pocket.


According to one cashier, he “looked like he knew what he was doing”, was confident and calm and “just thought it was a great bet”