Tuesday, July 5, 2022
In BriefInvisibility is most desired superpower in Scotland

Invisibility is most desired superpower in Scotland

INVISIBILITY and time travel are the most desired superhero powers in Scotland, according to a new study.

Researchers from Samsung interviewed 2,000 people to find the formula for the “ultimate superhero”.

23% decided that the ability to walk around unseen was the most wanted trait, closely followed by time travel.

79% believed that strength was the most important attribute, followed by intelligence, morality and likeability.

Researchers have found the "winning superhero formula"
Researchers have found the “winning superhero formula”


Traditional traits, such as a good outfit or a catchy name, came at the bottom of the list.

When asked what “super gadgets” people would most like, 39% said a superhero car, with virtual reality headsets coming in second with 17%.

The data also found that the top “real life” heroes are firemen – who most fit the top combinations of speed, strength, morality and technology.

The winning formula was developed in line with the launch of Marvel’s Avengers: The Age of Ultron movie, which recorded the biggest ever single day for a superhero movie in the UK.

The film includes Iron Man, a superhero with incredible strength and durability, The Hulk, who transforms into an 8ft beast when angered, and Black Widow, a female assassin who does not appear to age.

Conor Pierce, Vice President IT and Mobile, Samsung Electronics UK and Ireland, said: “Superheroes have fascinated us for generations, with some of Marvel’s originals remaining firm favourites for decades.

“What is really interesting is how they have developed along with society – seeing technology and morality up there in the list of what makes the ultimate superhero is a real testament to that.”

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