Furniture for dogs to encourage owners to share


A DOG owner thinks he has come up with a solution to abandoned pooches – a piece of furniture to encourage people to share their dog.

Kenneth McLean has dreamed up the ‘Doggle Box’ which comes with bedding, storage and even a built-in screen.

The piece of furniture, which would cost about £150, can also doubles as a seat when the dog is with the other owner.

A seven-inch screen links the own owners via a Facebook page with a joint account.


Kenneth and four-legged friend Cooper try out the Doggle Box


While a Wifi-enabled picture frame with an internal memory of 2GB allows up to 2000 photos to be stored.

The Edinburgh product design student, reckons sharing schemes are the way forward for people who want a dog but can’t give them round-the-clock commitment.

The 22-year-old came up with the idea after becoming distressed about the soaring number of abandoned dogs.

He thinks the design will be a huge help to families who want to spread love for a pet between two homes.


The piece of furniture would cost about £150


The final year student at Napier University will be exhibiting the Doggle Box at his Degree Show.

He said: “Some people may be aghast at the idea of sharing a dog but owners groups I have spoken to in Edinburgh believe it would work if the co-owners know what they are buying into and are comfortable with the process from the start.

“You could have a scenario where a younger couple look after a dog during the week then a family with children take over at weekends.”

He added: “I believe it could work very well for anyone who loves dogs but can’t make a full-time commitment, and I would like to think I could take this further.”