Scots painter Frank To will be the first to paint Machiavelli – in Auld Scots


SCOTTISH painter Frank To will open a solo exhibition based on The Prince by Machiavelli –  a book about how to gain power and how to keep it  – in Glasgow tonight.


The paintings translate the original Italian prose into Auld Scots


The exhibition, called Machiavelli’s Laws, is unique in that the original text has been translated from 16-century vernacular Italian into Auld Scots.


It will open tonight at By Distinction art gallery, at 100 Byres Road, Glasgow.


Mr To, who has a growing international reputation as a figurative painter, said: “What inspired me to do it was the general election.

“All of the politicians were Machiavellian in their own way.


“The other thing was about power. The other thing is the book is one of the most inspirational for Hollywood at the moment.


The exhibition will run until 5th June


He added: “And the third thing was, nobody has ever visually depicted The Prince. But it is the third most printed book in the world.


“So I suppose it’s something I could put on my CV. At least I would be able to say  – I at least attempted it.”