Shirley Manson digs out boots from 90s heyday


SCOTS rock star Shirley Manson has delighted fans after she found a pair of iconic boots she wore in her hit 90s music videos.

Manson, who fronts the band Garbage, posted a picture of the dusty knee-high boots on Twitter after digging them out of storage.

She wrote: “I unearthed these boots from storage yesterday. Wore them to death in the 90s and quite a few Garbage videos. Bless.”

Rather than taking pride of place in a Hard Rock Cafe or museum collection, the battered green boots are displayed on wooden decking in Manson’s garden.

The boots resurfaced on Twitter
The boots resurfaced on Twitter


Garbage was one of the most successful rock acts of the 90s, with singles such as “Stupid Girl” and “Only Happy when it Rains”.

Their debut album, featuring Edinburgh born singer Manson, was an unexpected smash. It sold more than 4m copies and went platinum in the UK, US and Australia.

One fan, called Rose has mohawk , wrote: “ I recognize them from Only Happy When It Rains!”

Another Twitter user called @dolce_zee wrote: “If those boots could talk…”

The boots in their original glory
The boots in their original glory


Whilst Arch Angel [email protected] “Those are legendary trendsetters! They absof***inglutely need to be in a rock museum somewhere! !”

One person responded: “ I remember you saying years ago you were afraid of being known as “the chick in the boots”. Maybe you should put them back.”

To which Manson hit back: “I’m not scared of much these days.”

Garbage announced a tour in March, with concert dates in London and Paris, to mark the 20-year anniversary of the launch of their self-titled debut album.