New exhibition to show Picasso’s relationship with renowned war photographer


THE friendship between Pablo Picasso and a world-renowned photographer will be the subject of a new exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery this summer.

The fascinating relationship between the artist and Lee Miller spanned 36 years, from their first meeting in 1937 to Picasso’s death in 1973.

Over the course of their friendship Miller photographed Picasso more than a thousand times, and the artist in return created a series of protraits of Lee.

Picasso and Lee were friends for 36 years
Picasso and Lee were friends for 36 years (Copyright Lee Miller Archives, England 2015. All rights reserved)


The exhibition, titled Lee Miller and Picasso will include 100 photographs, as well as Picasso’s striking Portrait of Lee Miller as l’Arlesienne, painted in 1937.

Highlights will range from intimate snapshots taken on beaches in the South of France, to memorable images taken of Picasso’s famous visit to Britain in 1950.

A touching photograph taken on the liberation of Paris in 1944 when Miller, a war photographer with the US forces, was reunited with Picasso, is one many images in the exhibition which capture the artist amidst the chaos of his studio.

Miller was one of only six accredited women war correspondents, and the only woman photo-reporter active in European combat areas during World War II.

She contributed war documentary stories and photographs to Vogue, including photos of the London Blitz, dispatches on the battles in Normandy and the liberation of Paris.


Christopher Baker, Director of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, said: “This engrossing exhibition allows us to explore the intimate and creative friendship between two extraordinary figures: the greatest painter of the twentieth century and one of the most inspiring and adventurous photographers.

“Providing insights into their private and public lives, it will, we hope, enrich appreciation in particular of Lee Miller’s achievement and her amazing career. The exhibition is a major contribution to the increasingly ambitious programme of photography projects at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery.”

Lee Miller and Picasso is part of the IPS (Institute for Photography in Scotland) 2015 Season of Photography, a series of lively exhibitions and events taking place across Scotland from April to September 2015.