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Photo of the DayDeaf Minister Mary Whittaker and her guide dog

Deaf Minister Mary Whittaker and her guide dog

Edinburgh, 22nd March, 2015, the Kirk’s only deaf minister has revealed she relies on her dog for an alarm clock, doorbell and fire alarm. Rev Mary Whittaker, 55, who was born with no hearing, relies on a five-year-old labrador retriever called Scott as her ears. Scott is responsible for waking her up when her alarm goes off, and gives her a sign when someone rings the doorbell. If a fire alarm sounds, he signals to her to let her know she may be in danger. IN PIC.............  (c) Wullie Marr/DEADLINE NEWS For pic details, contact Wullie Marr........... 07989359845 (Wullie Marr/DEADLINE NEWS)

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