Morrisons in choc pot sh**ts spelling blunder


A SHOPPER got a rude surprise while searching the shelves of a supermarket for a low-calorie treat.

They discovered that Morrisons had relabelled Weight Watchers’ range of “Choc Pot Shots” as “Choc Pot Shits”.

The treats were on special offer with the price cut from £1.99 for £1 for a pack.

But the consumer suddenly lost his appetite after spotting the typographical error at the chain’s store in South Gyle, Edinburgh, on Thursday this week.

He said: “I thought I was misreading it at first.”

“Getting people to eat healthier is enough of a challenge as it is, without the unappetising spelling mistakes.”

The misspelt label
The misspelt label


When contacted for comment, a Morrison’s spokesman claimed it was old labelling that had been corrected.

The spokesman declined to explain how the mistake had occurred, although the letters “o” and “i” are neighbours on a standard Qwerty keyboard.

The spokesman also declined to elaborate on how uncorrected labels were still in evidence in stores.

Supermarkets are regularly targeted by sticklers for grammar and spelling.

In 2008 Tesco ditched their ungrammatical “ten items or less” signage for checkouts after campaigners complained that they should read “ten items or fewer.”

In 2009 Morrisons were also criticised for stocking children’s alphabetic playing blocks which read “U – Umberlla” next to a picture of an umbrella.

Clothing superstore H&M also found themselves redfaced earlier this year when they misspelt the word “genius” as “genious” on a t shirt.