Thursday, May 26, 2022
EntertainmentPuerto Rican reality show to be filmed in Scotland

Puerto Rican reality show to be filmed in Scotland

A PUERTO Rican celebrity will be shown around Edinburgh and Loch Ness as part of a new reality show.

‘Check In’, a brand new cultural TV show, will immerse famous Puerto Rican’s in UK life.

Jorge Pabon, who hosts the top radio show in the country, will be joined by famed comedian Robert ‘Yoyo’ Ferran.

The Puerto Rican pair will be shown around Edinburgh
The Puerto Rican pair will be shown around Edinburgh


The pair will fly into London, then travel by minivan to Stonehenge, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Loch Ness.

Their “British experience” will consist of staying with local families and attending a traditional wedding.

The show is the brainchild of Arnaldo Santiago Rivera, the founder of an online marketing agency, and his partner Sixto George, who produces one of the largest radio and media enterprises in Puerto Rico. Together, they conjured up the idea after returning from a trip to India.

They hope the show will give their audience a chance to see the other side of celebrities which is rarely caught on camera.

Arnaldo said: “The UK is an exciting and vibrant country with such a diverse population.

“I thought that it would be a fantastic opportunity for Jorge and Robert to see the country not from a tourist’s perception but to be fully immersed in its culture and experience things that they wouldn’t necessarily experience if they were to come the UK on holiday.”

Arnaldo will be in the UK until June 5th to scout out potential locations and cultural experiences for the participants to enjoy across the country.

The show will film at various locations across the UK from July 18-26.

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