Record numbers of Scottish NHS staff


The number of staff working in Scotland’s NHS has risen to a record high, figures published today show.

The figures, released by ISD Scotland, show that under the current government the NHS Scotland workforce has increased by 8.3%, with up to 10,541.7 more whole time equivalent (WTE) staff.

NHS nurses and midwives are at a record high, with a 4.2% increase and over 2,391.4 WTE more nurses and midwives since 2006.

Numbers of Scottish NHS workers are at a record high
Numbers of Scottish NHS workers are at a record high


Consultants are also at a record high, with an annual increase of 4.8% (224.8 WTE) to 4,918.4 WTE at 31 March 2015.

Total NHS workforce, excluding GPs and dentists, has increased by 1.5 over the past year, with 137,603.5 WTE employees.

Health Secretary Shona Robison said: “Under this government, NHS staff numbers have risen significantly, with record levels of consultants, nurses and midwives now delivering care for the people of Scotland.

“This demonstrates that, to give people the high quality health care they deserve, we are investing in and supporting a highly skilled NHS Scotland workforce.”