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Top StoriesFinal report on Scottish beavers goes to Holyrood

Final report on Scottish beavers goes to Holyrood

THE possible future of beavers in Scotland has been outlined in a report sent to the Scottish Government today (12 June) by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH).


The report draws on 20 years of work and is one of the most thorough assessments ever done for a species reintroduction proposal.



Don’t mention the gnaw – a final report on the controversial issue of beavers in Scotland goes before ministers today



It provides a summary of knowledge about the likely impact of wild beavers in Scotland and options for their management.


It also sets out four scenarios for Scottish Ministers to consider.


These range from full beaver removal to the widespread reintroduction of beavers across Scotland.


The report will help ministers decide whether to permanently reintroduce beavers to Scotland.



beavers wide
Beavers – here to stay?



Ian Ross, chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage said: “The issues surrounding the potential for beaver reintroduction in Scotland have been the subject of intense investigation and discussion over the last 20 years.


“The report sets out the links between the evidence gathered and the risks and benefits of the various options.


“It also considers management approaches to help mitigate the risks and maximise the benefits, should beavers be permanently reintroduced to Scotland.


“This comprehensive report will therefore help inform the decision on the future of beavers in Scotland.”


The report is available here

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