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Top StoriesIs this the world's hottest tea-cosy?

Is this the world’s hottest tea-cosy?

THE HOTTEST tea cosy in the UK has arrived – in the shape of a big boob.

The eyebrow-raising design, which even has its own nipple, was thought-up by a tea-lover after finding out her friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer.


Lynda Williams + Tea Cosy
Lynda Williams, 55, made the first tea cosy for one of her best friends to “put a smile on her face”.


Lynda Williams, 55, from Swindon, Wiltshire, decided to knit the tit and send it to one of her best friends to “put a smile on her face”.

After originating as a morale-raiser, the cosy is now a fund-raiser. Lynda is selling the design for £10-a-time with the proceeds going to a cancer charity.

She spent hours “trying to find the two right shades of pink” for her design, and “stayed up all night” making it.

Her friend, Rosemary Albone, also from Swindon, shared a picture of the creation on her blog, and Lynda has since had orders from across the UK from people who want their own.




53-year-old Rosemary, who was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago and has since undergone treatment, said that cancer is a “big, scary word” but that she was “thrilled” to receive the surprise.

She said: “My friend Lynda had been sending me cryptic messages for weeks intimating that she was creating something for me.




“When the package arrived it was all wrapped in pink tissue paper – I had no idea what it was.

“Then I opened it and realised it was a boob tea cosy. How utterly fabulous is that.

“It’s two-tone and even has a nipple. I can’t tell you how happy it made me.”






The cosy comes with a ‘#teampositive’ label – a motto which Rosemary’s brother came up with to help her stay confident about her situation.

Lynda, who is a keen knitter, has known Rosemary for over ten years after working together in employee development.

She, said: “I knew Rosemary had been sent loads of chocolates and flowers, and I wanted to do something to make her laugh.

“It took me a long time to find the perfect two shades of pink, but it was worth it. It fits Rosemary’s teapot perfectly.







“Her blog made me realise that she would enjoy this gift and not take it the wrong way, and I’m glad it made her laugh.

“If she hadn’t been diagnosed it never would have come about. I’ve now had about ten orders from people in England, Wales and Scotland, all who want their own.

“One person even ordered a pair.”

All money made from the tea cosies, which can be bought for £10 each, is donated to Cancer Research.




Lynda has said that if requested, she would be happy to look into trying different shades for her design.

“The more we can do to help people survive, the better,” she added.

“If people want them and I have to stay up until 4am making them, I will. I just hope it makes people laugh and stay positive.”




Several tit tea cosy admirers commented on Rosemary’s blog post, saying that the gesture was “extremely thoughtful”.

‘Kay571’ said: “This is amazing. I couldn’t stop smiling whilst reading, and then that picture! What a fantastic gift. Extremely thoughtful”

Lucylastic wrote: “What lovely friends you have Rosemary – enjoy!”

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