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Dramatic dashcam video shows driver chase hit-and-run motorist

DRAMATIC footage shows the moment a driver took the law into his own hands – chasing a hit and run motorist through residential streets.

Dash-cam video caught the driver of a Volkswagen Passat running into the back of a Mercedes ML on Tuesday [9 June] evening.

But when the driver of the Volkswagen failed to pull over, the victim of the hit and run escalated matters to a dramatic chase through the residential streets of north Aberdeen.

Footage shows the motorists in a hair-raising game of cat and mouse, racing through a 20mph area at at least 35mph, ignoring speed bumps, cutting corners and blasting through junctions as families look on.

The VW driver hits the back of the Mercedes


The “vigilante” driver, who has not been identified, eventually abandoned the chase because of the risk involved. He has put the footage online and reported the matter to police.

But he claims officers have not been back in touch and complained: “Policing at its finest!” Police Scotland last night urged drivers not to take the law into their own hands.”

Dash cam footage, posted on website Scotland’s Worst Drivers, reveals that the incident took place at 07.13pm on Tuesday 9 June.

Video footage from the rear end of a black Mercedes ML shows a blue Volkswagen Passat failing to stop in time, colliding with the back of the car at traffic lights.

After the accident the driver of the Mercedes pulled to the side of the road, but when the other driver failed to stop he gave chase.

And when the driver of the Passat tried to lose his pursuer in a residential area, the Mercedes driver upped the ante, following him at high speed over speed bumps, through junctions and narrow streets.

The VW drives on the pavement and the Mercedes gives pursuit


Families can also be seen looking on as the victim of the hit and run blasts after the driver of the blue Passat.

At one point the driver of the dash-cam car can also be seen to narrowly missing a driver standing beside the open door of their car.

The driver in pursuit is even recorded travelling over speed bumps at 35mph.

The footage comes to a dramatic conclusion as the Passat is seemingly blocked in by a car travelling the other way.

But in a desperate last-ditch resort the driver of the Passat mounts the pavement to make his escape, leaving his pursuer in the dust.

The driver of the dash cam car said: “Luckily there was a nice big tow bar on the back of my 3 ton Mercedes.

“I have informed Police Scotland, but as of yet not one person has bothered to contact me.

“Policing at its finest!”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Investigations are ongoing following an incident of failing to stop and report of an accident and subsequent driver behaviour.

“We would urge motorists in the first instance to report such incidents to police rather than following anyone who may have been involved.”

Research has shown that the Pasat is listed with a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) and is not on the Motor Insurers’ Database (MID) meaning it is not road-legal.

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