Water park ban shames 28-stone dad into shedding third of body weight


A 28-STONE dad was shamed into shedding more than a third of his body weight – after he was banned from using a water park.

Staff at the Egyptian resorted feared Chris Johnston would break the flumes.

The 34-year-old former security guard, who was there with his wife and children, was so humiliated he went on a strict diet.

He has shed 10.5 stone within two years, leaving him with just 14lbs to go to hit his ideal weight of 16.5 stone.

Chris, from Glasgow, has another reason to celebrate: his health kick inspired both his daughters to take up weightlifting and they are now British champions for their age.

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Chris used to eat three takeaways a shift while working as a security guard


Chris, who’s 6ft 3ins, packed on the pounds while working as a security guard and wolfing down up to three takeaways a shift. His waist measurement eventually reached a colossal 60 inches.

His life was changed during a holiday to the Red Sea resort of Makadi Bay in 2012 with wife, Michelle, three children and two stepchildren.

Despite paying around £70 for his family to visit the giant 50-slide water Makadi Water World, Chris was left on the sidelines feeling like a “crap dad”.

He said: “I was allowed in, but every time I got to the top of the slides I was turned away.

“The language barrier meant they used gestures, like ‘too big’. It was like the way you say ‘you’ve got a big fish’.”

He added: “I had to walk past everyone. I was just gutted. I had to laugh it off as we walked down.

“I felt properly mortified. I could have cried, I genuinely felt like a crap dad.”

Even worse, some of the rides needed adults to accompany children.

Slimline Chris inspired his daughters to take up weightlifting


Chris, who was once fit and slim enough to be a swimming coach, said: “They were getting turned away from things because of what I’d chosen to have done over the last few years.”

Chris and Michelle, 41, joined a slimming club. Chris simply cut out the takeaways, ate home-cooked food and went for lots of walks.

“I’m still having proper traditional meals, but we choose more sensibly and have learned to cook them ourselves.

“I still don’t do any strenuous exercise, just walking the kids to school.”

Chris’ has gone from a 60-inch waist in trousers to a 38 , and even his shoe size has shrunk from a 14 to a 12.

He’s also been treated to a new wedding ring from wife Michelle, after his hands reduced by six sizes.

The new diet regime has also benefited Chris’s daughters Kristana, now 11, Tyler, 10, and son Cody, 9, as well as stepson Shaun, 22, and step-daughter Josie, 19.

Kristana and Tyler took up weightlifting last year, and are now British champions for their age categories.

Chris said: “They were my helpers. They walked to school to help get their dad fit.

“It got them interested in being active and they decided they wanted to get into something themselves.”