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EntertainmentScots actor Heughan in love with American breakfasts

Scots actor Heughan in love with American breakfasts

OUTLANDER star Sam Heughan has revealed his love of the finer things in Los Angeles life – including avocado for breakfast, macrobiotic vegan salads and strong cocktails.

The Scottish heartthrob grew up in a tiny village in Dumfries and Galloway where he was one of only four children in his primary class.

Heughan, who plays Jamie Fraser in the hit TV series, spoke of his lavish new lifestyle during an interview with Los Angeles magazine.

Drawing a comparison between breakfasts in his home town of New Galloway and the bustling LA, he said: “The best thing about America is American breakfasts.

“I’m into eggs. Lots of eggs. and avocados, because we don’t get them over here really.”

When asked about his tipple of choice, he revealed a whisky cocktail was his firm favourite.

“Well, I suppose we’ve got to talk about drinks,” he said. “I’ll start with a Sazerac or something pretty strong, maybe like a martini.”

Heughan revealed his LA lifestyle (Source: Christine Ring - http://www.flickr.com/photos/92237067@N03/14832062015/)
Heughan revealed his LA lifestyle (Source – Christine Ring -http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14832062015/)


The actor went on to describe his favourite things about the city, where he recently ran a marathon.

“I run a lot in Los Angeles but to be honest, it’s kind of difficult,” he said. “It’s such a vast city and you can’t just run on the sidewalk. You have to find hidden gem places.”

Speaking of his recent long-distance run he said: “It’s such a great route. You see the whole of LA and all the landmarks, and then ending up by the ocean is just perfect.

“I love to run up in Griffith Park, but the place I did most of my training was either down on the beach in Santa Monica, or at the Silver Lake reservoir.”

Heughan, who was just one of four children in his primary school class growing up, added: “I love going downtown. It’s one of my favourite places because you can get the Metro there, and being European, we tend to do that.

“There’s a place there called LA. B, which is an indoor bouldering centre. I’ve gotten into climbing and it’s a really good setup.”

Finally, he revealed his favourite place to eat – and it’s rather unexpected.

“I was living near a place called Seed, which is this really small macrobiotic vegan place,” he explained.

“I would never normally eat that kind of food – I think it sounds a little bit fussy – but to be honest, they did the most amazing salads.

“I’d go and have one of those and then afterwards I would have a beer because I felt very proud that I’d eaten that.”

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