Scots Cop a hit with AC/DC video


A POLICE officer has become an unlikely hit with rock fans after sprinkling an official safety video with references to songs by AC/DC.

Inspector John McQuilter uploaded a video to the Police Scotland Facebook page ahead of the legendary rockers’ sold out gig at Hampden Stadium, Glasgow, on Sunday.

The wobbly video, shot outside Hampden’s main entrance, showed Inspector McQuilter reciting a 1.46 minute message.

And although the officer could perhaps do with polishing his presentation skills, he has won plaudits for raiding AC/DC’s massive back catalogue and smuggling song titles into the video.

The film has been a massive hit – by police standards – with 8,000 views so far. The force’s Festive Safety Partner launch video got just 268 views.

One viewer wrote to Insp McQuilter, who is a community officer based at Aikenhead police station: “Nice to see a bit of wit and good humour……….. you obviously have no aspiration for promotion.”

In the video, middle-aged Insp McQuilter tells fans: “For ‘Those About to Rock’ at Hampden, plan ahead. Know how to get here, and how to get home.

“Folks, if you’re having a drink, please do it sensibly avoid ‘Breaking the Rules’, because a ‘Touch Too Much’ could mean you don’t get into the stadium and you miss the gig.”

He added: “Drinking in public and carrying an open container of alcohol is an offence, and there will be plenty of officers about, so please ‘Don’t Get Caught’.

“As I said, we’re here to assist, so ‘Play Ball’ and talk to the officers. Thanks very much and have a great day.”

The inspector managed two further AC/DC references in the accompanying press release, writing: “It may sound like we have a ‘Meanstreak’ but it goes without saying – you won’t get in if you are drunk.”

“Also, whilst ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution’ be mindful of those who live around the stadium, especially if parking near to the ground.”

Scott Redpath wrote: “Whoever wrote this is a rock genius.”

Kevin Boyle added: “You’ve been working on this post for months haven’t you?”

Hannah Donaldson adapted an AC/DC song for her own comment: “Can’t wait!! ‘For those about to police (the event), we salute you’.

Facebook users were quick to quip
Facebook users were quick to quip


Martin Farrell added: “Obviously they found a cop with a back catalogue.”

Whilst Samantha Barrett wrote: “Brilliant! Whoever wrote this must be an AC/DC fan.”

But the inspector’s efforts – including his nervous delivery and forced-looking smiles – were shot down in flames by other viewers.

Duke Marco von Gobstein shared the post with the caption: “Ha ha, cringe.”

And Barry Mochan replied: “Oh God, I had that feeling I used to get when watching an 80s action movie with my mum and a random sex scene suddenly appears.”

Around 50,000 fans attended the sold-out concert on Sunday night.

The band’s set included their hits “Back in Black” and “Highway to Hell”.

One balding middle aged fan became an online hit after he filmed dancing to the strains of Angus Young’s guitar.

AC/DC guitarists Angus and Malcolm Young were born in Glasgow and emigrated to Australia while still children. The band’s first singer, the late Bon Scott, grew up in Kirriemuir, Angus, and moved to Australia during childhood.