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From brand new to rusty ruin: Glaswegian car specialists “rot” £27,000 new car


CAR design specialists in Glasgow have become an an online hit after turning a brand new car into a rusty wreck.

These pictures show how a team used a digitally printed wrap to make the shiny black Volkswagen look fit for the scrapyard.

The design is sure to stop the vehicle getting stolen – and even got the owner pulled over by the police just three days after it was completed.

clyde wraps 3
Rot my ride: Special wrap is applied to change the vehicles exterior.


Clyde Wraps Vehicle Graphics, in Rutherglen, normally does advertising designs for taxis, but posted pics of the unusual work last year.

It became a viral hit online after being shared by a Malaysian TV presenter.

The smart Volkswagen T5 Transporter Sportline was covered fully with the made-to-measure design.

Even the door handles, mirrors and badges were made to look as though they had years of rust.

Gordon Clyde, owner of Clyde Wraps, said: “Usually, people come in asking for the opposite of this job – they want from rust to new, not new to rust.

“It wasn’t a huge surprise though, it’s becoming a trend over in the United States, they call it ‘rat rodes’.

“We had to design every little piece individually, as you can see from the images – it is completely bespoke.”

Mr Clyde added: “It took us around two weeks to complete the project, and since we’ve had images online people have went crazy for it.

“Around two weeks ago a car website ‘Car Throttle’ put a post about it, and it received something like 94,000 hits and 24,000 shares.

“I think people are just really intrigued by the whole thing and maybe don’t fully understand the concept.”

He added:  “The material on the vehicles are completely removable and can be turned back into their brand new state.

“There has been various reactions that have all been brilliant – some say it’s hilarious, others say it’s awful. It’s just such a bespoke piece for us.”

Natalie Brown wrote on Facebook: “ Fantastic! I saw this car the other day and thought it was real rust! Maybe just sold another customer.”

James Feltham wrote: “It’s almost too good.”

Malaysian TV presenter and director Fizo Omar posted photos of the van on Facebook last week, resulting in over 41,000 shares.

The photos have also appeared on a Facebook page for Arabic news agency Shehab News, which has 3.3m followers.

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