Donald Trump defeated in opinion poll – by an avocado


DONALD Trump’s bid for president of the US was dealt a blow today after he lost an opinion poll – to an avocado.

A Twitter account named Avocado set up the straw poll on June 1, asking social media users: “Who would you rather have in office? Retweet for an avocado. Favourite for Donald Trump.”

Now, after over 78,000 responses, the result is a landslide defeat for Trump, who famously boasts strong family ties to the Western Isles as well as building a golf course in Aberdeenshire..

At the time of writing the avocado has received 71,765 pledges of support, whilst Trump trails far behind on just 7,080.

It would appear an avocado is preferred to Mr Trump when it comes to occupying the Oval Office


The poll has given the piece of fruit a resounding 91% of the vote.

Trump launched his run for the white house in a speech on June 16 and is currently polling in second place for title of republican nominee, behind Jeb Bush, the brother of former president George W.

But it seems as though his online support is waning, with the Avocado securing a ten times lead over the controversial businessman.

The Avocado was quick to hammer home its political views online, saying: “I have a better knowledge of REAL ISSUES” and “Avocados care about the middle class.”

The Avocado describes itself on its account: “FAQ: 1. No i am not vegetable 2. Yes, i am fruit 3. yes, i am currently in between relationships.”

Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil tonight narrowly declared for Mr Trump.

He said: “It’s not an easy call but Donald Trump shades it over the avocado at this stage as Donald’s mother was from the Isle of Lewis and a Gaelic speaker.

“Given there is no Gaelic or English for far flung fruits like avocado, after close deliberation it has to be Donald who, on balance, is judged more capable.”

Despite that it seems as though the Avocado’s rhetoric has garnered it a huge momentum of online support.

Doug Levin, a prominent entrepreneur and CEO from Boston, spoke in favour of the fruit’s campaign, saying: “The avocado is a national treasure; Donald Trump is a national embarrassment.”

Donald Trump appeared at the Scottish Parliament's green energy targets inquiry
Mr Trump’s investment in Scotland has not proved popular with everyone


Another supporter, Max Gordon, said: “No contest. Avocado is definitely the brighter of the two. “

The campaign has even spawned its own hashtag: #avocado4prez

But other commenters challenged the Avocado on its candidacy.

One user, Chris Boyd from Fort Worth, Texas, said Avocado would have his vote “only if it can provide its birth certificate“ in reference to the conspiracy theory surrounding President Obama’s citizenship which led him to release his birth certificate in 2011.
In response the Avocado posted a mockup of its own certificate, claiming that it was born in California.

In spite of its huge amount of support the campaign still had some detractors.

User @OhRylan expressed his concern, saying: “Well thinking literally, an avocado can’t make decisions for instance if we get invaded…So I’ll take Trump, stupid people.”

Trump has a long history of business and personal interest in Scotland, with a mother hailing from the Isle of Lewis.

The 69 year old owns two golf courses and two hotels in the country, and has been embroiled in a number of controversial run-ins with Scots.

Since 2007 he has been in a dispute with Michael Forbes, a landowner holding out against plans to expand his golf course in Balmedie, Aberdeenshire.

And earlier this year the businessman, with a reported worth of $4.1bn lost a legal battle against the Scottish government’s approval of an offshore wind farm he claimed would blight his luxury resort.