Monday, July 4, 2022
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Video shows check-in hall at Aberdeen Airport flooded

PASSENGERS at Aberdeen Airport needed a boat rather than a plane after the check-in hall was flooded with ankle-deep water.

Remarkable video footage shows glamorous air hostesses in three-inch heels splashing through the water which followed flash-flooding in the area on Tuesday night.

Despite the deluge, passengers, airport staff and flight crew carried on as normal and there were no reports of delays.

The video shows passengers continuing to wheel their suitcases and luggage trolleys around as if nothing was wrong.

Businessmen with briefcases also continued as normal, rushing towards check-in desks.

The only people in the clip who pay any attention to the flood is a group of children who look down slightly confused.

A spokeswoman for the airport said staff rallied around to clear up the water – pushing out the door – while business carried on as normal.


“Passengers managed to cope,” she said.

“There was no operational impact as such. It was all dealt with by 9pm.

“We had heavy rain in the afternoon at about 6pm, when the full scale of the water was around.

“It was cleared up fairly quickly. There was no impact at any point to flights.”

She added: “It was all on the floor. There was no damage.”

Police also stepped up to help clear up the water.

A tweet from their official account read: “Officers provide a helping hand to @ABZ_Airport. Don’t want anyone slipping out of the country!”

Aberdeen airport is one of the busiest in Scotland with about 3.7 million passengers passing through every year.

The airport was not the only part of the city to be effected as infrastructure became overwhelmed.

In total more than half the expected July rain fell in just a few hours.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service said more than 20 incidents were reported included children having to be helped from a nursery.

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