“Groping” care worker could be struck off for “inappropriate conduct”


A CARE worker could be struck off after she allegedly groped a colleague’s bottom and told him she “slept naked”..

Liz Fulton, who worked in Edinburgh, told her workmate that she “assisted the night shift without a bra on” while looking suggestively at her breasts, it has also been claimed.

Ms Fulton faces a total of 15 charges with the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) at a hearing in Dundee later this month.

If they are found proven, she could be removed from the register and banned from the profession.

The charges state that between September 2011 and June 2013, while working at the Jericho House Care Home and whilst subject to a final written warning from her employer, she “groped the buttocks of her colleague AA and then smiled at him”.

She allegedly told the same person “I can hear you” when he was urinating in a nearby toilet.

Hearing: Ms Fulton will appear in front of the SSSC to decide if she is guilty of what she has been charged with


She is claimed also to have told him she “no longer had any pubic hair”, that she “slept naked whilst on sleepover duty” and that one one occasion she “assisted the night shift without a bra on, or words to that effect, and looked towards her chest area while making this comment”, it is claimed.

This resulted in AA becoming “distressed, uneasy and embarrassed” because she “failed to treat him with respect”.

Other charges allege that she accused her colleague BB of “speaking about her and an ex-employee”, stated “no one likes him” and “insinuated that all the staff talk about BB”.

She also allegedly said “that’ll be him away to get breast fed” in relation to colleague BB.

Ms Fulton was dismissed in March 2014 following a disciplinary hearing with the Jericho Benedictine Society, who runs the care home.

Jericho House is a care home service on Lothian Street, Edinburgh for people who are homeless or have alcohol or mental health issues.

It provides 20 single rooms for both men and women.