Police renew appeal to trace man who dropped bottle of wine onto car


POLICE have renewed an appeal to identify a group of people who dropped a bottle of wine on a car as it passed below a footbridge.

Two female healthcare workers were showered with wine and glass during the act that could have “ended in tragedy”.

The pair were travelling on the A89, to the east of Pumpherston Road, Broxburn, West Lothian on Saturday evening whilst on shift.

The bottle smashed into the Ford Fiesta's windscreen
The bottle smashed into the Ford Fiesta’s windscreen


As they passed under the bridge, a man on the walkway above dropped a bottle, believed to contain wine, onto the Ford Fiesta.

The bottle, which could have weighed up to 1.25kg, then smashed the windscreen and showered the women with shards of glass and wine.

Sergeant Darren Cook from Police Scotland at Linlithgow said : “This was an incredible act of stupidity which could have had catastrophic consequences.

Police say the incident "could have ended in tragedy"
Police say the incident “could have ended in tragedy”


“The two female occupants of the car escaped serious injury on this occasion, although the passenger did receive minor cuts to her hands and arms.

“This could have ended in a tragedy. We are keen to trace this group of people who were on the pedestrian bridge and were walking from the Broxburn side of the bridge to the Uphall Station side.

“They are only described as being in their late teens/early twenties, and the one who dropped the bottle was a male.

“The group made off towards Uphall Station when the car stopped. I would ask anyone who can help identify this group to call us on 101.”

The two nurses, said to be shaken from the ordeal, are understood to be back at work.