Low jet blasts sun tents into air at Florida beach


THIS amazing video shows a jet in a beach flyby so low that it blasts tents, towels and umbrellas 50ft into the air.

The clip was filmed by a beachgoer in Pensacola, Florida, as they enjoyed a performance of the Blue Angels – America’s answer to the Red Arrows.

Filming on Saturday, the cameraman is initially focussed on a high-flying F18 jet as it performs a stunt, tilting upwards in a near-stall.

But suddenly the spectators are buzzed by the wingman, who makes a deafening roar as he blasts over the beach at an estimated speed of 500mph and height of 200ft.

The flypast stuns beachgoers, with one shouting “whoah” as others duck, laugh and break into applause at the impressive feat.

The jet flew over at a height of roughly 200 feet
The jet flew roughly 200 feet high


But just seconds later their belongings are sent flying into the air, caught in the jetwash of the plane’s formidable engines, both of which generate nearly 18,000lb of thrust.

Towels, tents and umbrellas are caught in the turbulence of the jet, flying across the beach as spectators chase after.

Some umbrellas are thrown 50ft into the air, flying off the beach and disappearing from sight.

Towels, tents and umbrellas are sent flying
Towels, tents and umbrellas are sent flying


According to the Visit Pensacola Beach website, the Blue Angels, the US Navy’s aerobatic stunt team, performed as part of the Pensacola Beach Air Show over the weekend.

Equipped with top of the range F/A-18 Hornets, they can reach top speed of 1,190mph, 1.5 times the speed of sound.

First brought into service in 1986, the jets served over Bosnia and Kosovo in the 90s through until the second Gulf conflict.