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EntertainmentBannatyne's battle for youth revealed in loved-up Twitter snap

Bannatyne’s battle for youth revealed in loved-up Twitter snap

DUNCAN Bannatyne has unwittingly revealed his choice of coffee table reading – The Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing.

The Dragon’s Den tycoon shared a series of loved-up snaps with his current flame Nigora Whitehorn, cuddled up on the sofa.

A messy coffee table is included in one of the shots, which holds a laptop, a candle, a pair of glasses and a pile of books.

And one of the books may hold the key to the 66-year-old’s youthful vigour.

The Ten Secrets of Healthy Ageing, by Patrick Holford and Jeremy Burne, tells people how to “live longer, look younger and feel great”.

It explains how your body changes as you age, and what you can do to avoid the illnesses of old age.

The photo Bannatyne tweeted
The photo Bannatyne tweeted


The £13 novel also “shares the secrets of staying as fit and as mentally alert as possible, for as long as possible”.

Bannatyne shared the snap with the caption “Relaxing evening at home with @wnigora_nigora.”

But once fans pointed out his reading choice, he joked that he looked good for his age.

Martin Roche wrote to the millionnaire: “You should join a gym and eat well, can recommend a few.”

Bannatyne replied: “Well if you’re doing as well as me at 66 let me know.”

Alister33 said: “The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing…looks like you know them all sir.”

Another user wrote: “What’s with the 10 Secrets to Healthy Ageing book? Old man Bannatyne there.”

To which another person replied: “I heard he’s actually 700. He’s doing well.”

A closeup of the book
A closeup of the book


The loved-up images are just part of a string of photographs that Bannatyne has uploaded in recent weeks showing him and his new girlfriend.

The TV star began dating the dental treatment coordinator just last month, after being publicly dumped by former Miss Great Britain Michelle Evans.

He regularly uploads snaps of the pair at dinner, relaxing at his house and partying with friends, in what some may call a dig at his ex girlfriends.

Bannatyne was rushed to hospital in 2012 following a health scare at his company headquarters.

It was confirmed that his chest pains were not a heart attack, and he was sent home to recover.

Bannatyne runs his own chain of health clubs and spas, with 61 branches across the UK.

His clubs sell branded products including moisturisers, dressing gowns and shower gels.

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